Master Service Agreement In Polish

5.4 Storage. Optimizely does not offer an archiving service. During the subscription period, the customer recognizes that Optimizely may eventually remove content that is no longer active. Optin expressly rejects all other storage obligations. Additional storage conditions can be defined under service-specific conditions. 2.18 „Service-Specific Terms“ refers to additional or derogatory terms and conditions (if applicable) specific to an Optimizely service or other Optimizely products, services, services or subscription plans. Terms of service are currently available in There are a number of scholarships for foreign students in Poland. The most popular is Erasmus, the EU`s exchange programme for students, teachers and institutions. Other options are: scholarships.

B studies under bilateral agreements, funded by the Polish government or the government of the foreign partner, often with the aim of improving exchanges within a certain field of study. The customer undertakes to defend and compensate Optimizely for and against third-party claims and commitments to the extent that: customer characteristics (including services or products provided through customer characteristics); or an alleged violation or violation of Section 6 (customer obligations). The customer cannot settle any claims without Optimizely`s prior written consent if the comparison would require Optimizely to accept a recommended letter, pay amounts that the customer must pay under this Agreement, or take or refrain from taking action. Optimizely can participate at its own expense in a right through legal assistance of your choice and the client and Optimizely will reasonably cooperate with the defense. 16.4 Subcontractors. Optimizely may use subcontractors and allow them to exercise the rights granted to Optimizely to provide Optimizely Service and related services as part of this agreement. These subcontractors may include the hosted service of Optimizely and CDN.B suppliers. However, subject to all the terms of this agreement, Optimizely remains responsible for the following responsibilities: (i) compliance with the terms of this agreement by its subcontractors; and (ii) the overall performance of Optimizely Services, if and how this is necessary under this Agreement. 2.22 „Third-party product“ refers to all applications, integrations, software, codes, online services, systems, other products and add-ons not developed by Optimizely. 16.7 Force majeure.

Neither party is held responsible for delays or non-compliance with its obligations under this agreement (except payment obligations) if the delay or failure is due to cases that are not under their proper control; such as strike, blockade, War, Terrorism, 2.14 „Optimizely Technology“ refers to the Optimizely Service, all related documentation, technologies, codes, know-how, logos and models (including all reports or numbers received by the Optimizely Service), anything that is provided as part of the support or other services, as well as any updates, modifications or modifications of the above work, including all returns.