Iupat Dc 38 Collective Agreement

In B.C. workers who organize a union are protected by law by the labour code and the employment agency. The labour code guarantees every worker the right to join a trade union and participate in its legal activities. Many people are not sure how they start a union or how they operate. Some feel threatened by their employers and fear what might happen if they try to create a union. We are happy to help you organize your shop. If you work in a non-union company and have safety or equity concerns on the job site, we have qualified and experienced organizers who can help you create a union. Call (604) 524-8334 or toll-free at 1-800-266-1527, with confidence and ask an organizer to contact. Employers or people acting on their behalf are prohibited: once your job is certified, your union becomes your exclusive bargaining partner. As there is strength in numbers, your union will be more effective in: Yes. Call the Landratsamt at (604) 524-8334 or free at 1-800-266-1527 and we will contact the Learning Coordinator.

Once your company is unionized, your job representatives and union experts negotiate a contract on wages and conditions. The workers of the site decide the final contract by a majority.