India`s Independence From Britain Is A 99-Year Lease Agreement

Dominion of India – Between the independence of the United Kingdom on 15 August 1947 and the proclamation of a republic on 26 January 1950, India was an independent regime in the Commonwealth of Nations of the United Kingdom, with King George VI as head of state. Although the country shared its head of state with the United Kingdom, it was an independent, entirely sovereign state. It was created by the Indian Independence Act in 1947 and transformed into the Republic of India by the proclamation of the Constitution of India in 1950. [2] On June 4, 1947, Mountbatten held a press conference on the issue of the Special States, including more than 563. Contractual relations between Great Britain and the Indian States ended and the permeability of the British crown was due to end on 15 August 1947. They would be free to join any of the new lords,[11] contrary to popular belief, independence was never an option for the spring states under the Mountbatten plan. [12] There was a lot of violence, and many Muslims fled what would become India, fleeing to Pakistan; and Hindus and Sikhs fled what would become Pakistan, and fled to India. Many people have left all their possessions and possessions to escape the violence and flee to their new country. [10] You are right. The Indian Independence Act of 1947 clarifies few facts. Most of things were in the transfer of the power agreement in 1947, which was signed between Nehru and Lord Mountbatten, in fact, this agreement is a confidential not for the public few people have got their hands on a few books of the agreement and revealed what they have found. Read article 147 Indian constitution makes it clear that if the Privy Council that makes the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom changes in the Indian Independence Act in 1947 or in the government of the Indian Law 1935. The Indian Supreme Court will have to follow these changes.

Our Indian constitution still calls India country like the Dominion of India, they can verify this by reading the actual and simple consitution. We knew that Punjab was a Tinderbox and that a split would almost certainly make the situation worse.