Huntington University Community Life Agreement

Huntington University staff are concerned about the well-being and safety of each student and will respond appropriately if a student is found to be missing. A student is considered „missing“ under this directive if his absence is at odds with his or her usual behaviour and if unusual circumstances may be the cause of the absence. These include a possible victim of misconduct, expression of suicidal thoughts, alcohol or other drugs, a life-threatening situation or recent contact with persons who may endanger the student`s well-being. In the event of a student missing, university staff can report the student`s emergency contact. Any student who has information about the disappearance of a student should inform campus police and/or Residence Life staff. In addition to the three guiding principles, respect for the laws of our society requires that employees and students of Huntington University respect federal, national and local laws, except in cases where the laws of society do not agree with the laws of God as expressed in the Bible. Huntington University reserves the right to inspect a student`s room, apartment or home in response to a student`s emergency or safety concerns. If the university has reason to believe that a student is violating university policy and possesses illegal substances, alcohol, weapons or is involved in illegal or dangerous behaviour, an employee of student life or campus security may search the student`s room. Where possible, staff will have one or both occupants present during a search or inspection. If this is not possible within a reasonable time or if evidence can be removed, staff may consult or search the room without any occupants present. This directive defines how the University of Huntington defines sexual assault, how decisions should be made, when this directive will be implemented, what behaviours will be prohibited, how counter-injuries are treated and how survivors of sexual assault are supported by the university.

For the full sexual assault policy, please visit the campus site for health and safety Statistical information on campus crime, in accordance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, is published annually in a brochure and is available to students at the Student Life Office and on our website. Due to the many intramural recreation opportunities and other informal opportunities at PLEX and other institutions, students are not permitted to participate in these activities in residences, apartments or campus homes, where damage may occur to university real estate.