Fuel Supply Agreement Template

With a fuel supply contract, a buyer agrees to purchase fuel from a supplier for final use and the supplier agrees to deliver the fuel in accordance with the terms of the agreement. When both parties sign the fuel supply agreement, they find that the purchaser relies on the supplier to provide the required amount of fuel at competitive prices. Other names for this document: Fuel supply contract If you receive or need to deliver a large amount of fuel, you can use a fuel supply contract. Whether you`re a farmer, an equipment rental company, fuel supplying and signing a new customer, a fuel supply contract can help trace the terms of the relationship – when, where, how and how much. Prepared as part of sectoral reform as a model of agreement for a Southeast Asian country. Part of a number of standard documents, which also include this fuel supply contract (the „agreement“), which will come into effect from August (the „effective date“), between the supply of petroleum fuels by Empire Petroleum LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware (the „seller“), Quik-Way Retail Associates II, Ltd., a Texas limited partnership („QWRA II“) , LLC, a limited liability company in Maryland („ECF“ and with QWRA II, „buyers“ and a „buyer“), with a commercial address of 8350 North Central Expressway, Suite M2185, Dallas, Texas 75206. The entities mentioned above are sometimes referred to as „parties“ and collectively „parties“ in this agreement. Sellers, Buyers and Empire Petroleum Services, LLC („Empire Services“) are subsidiaries of Empire Petroleum Partners, LP (the „partnership“). ECF and QWRA II are whods 100% of Empire Services. Provisions that may not be likely to replicate or need to be further considered: HOG FUEL (this „agreement“) will be adopted by and between Clearwater Paper Corporation, Delaware Corporation („Buyer“) and Potlatch RetainCo, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware („seller“) starting at 2008 (the effective date closed).

(Buyers and sellers are sometimes referred to as „parties“ or individually „party“ in this agreement). . THIS FUEL FUEL SUPPLY ACCORD („Agreement“) will be concluded on May 18, 2016 (effective date) of and between Fortis Hawaii Energy Inc. a B.C. company headquartered at 1111 West Georgia Street in Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 4M3 („seller“) and Hawaiian Electric Company Inc., headquartered at 900 Richard Street , Honolulu, Hawai`i 96813 („buyer“), according to Hawai`i State laws. The seller and buyer are called „parties“ and collectively „parties.“ – ORGANIZACION TERPEL S.A., a commercial company duly registered in accordance with the legal provisions covered by the tax identification number. (NIT) 830.095.213-0 (`TERPEL`), KENORA HOG FUEL SUPPLY AGREEMENT (`agreement`) effective March 7, 2007 between Weyerhaeuser Company LIMITED, a Canadian company (`Weyerhaeuser`) and DOMTAR PULP AND PRODUCTS PAPER INC., a Canadian company (`Domtar`).