Dj Service Contract Agreement

The disc-jocko service contract (DJ) is an agreement that is made for an event paid for per gig or hour. Depending on the disc-jocky, the music that is played can be original by the artist or the songs requested by the client or participants in the event. At the time of the agreement, the customer will usually pay a down payment to the disc-jocky which cannot be refunded if the event is cancelled. However, under the article entitled „XI. Full agreement,“ the client must formally approve the terms of this employment contract by signing his full name in the „customer`s signature“ line. A space has been indicated under the signature line to allow the customer to print their name. Any additional amendments or amendments not mentioned in this agreement must be made in writing and should be approved and signed by both parties. If one aspect of this agreement is considered null and void by a court, the rest of the contract will remain fully effective. The inability of one party to respond to a breach of one aspect of this contract by the other party does not constitute a waiver of the entire contract or authorization of a subsequent infringement. Cancellation by the customer, Jane Rubio, before the event will be accepted, but the 50% deposit will not be refunded.

Cancellation on the day of the event is accepted, but the customer, Jane Rubio, must pay the full $2,000.00 of the service. Dj Service Accord next will be concluded this day of , 20 , between core sound music and video, 122 South Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, Illinois, 62901 and . Event Details Date (e) / / (mm/dd/yy) / /mm/dd/yy) Time: am / pm: am /… In the unlikely event of an emergency (i.e. an accident, an act of God), DJ Mike Batte has a duty to arrange a replacement DJ, as is necessary to carry out this contract. In the event that DJ cannot provide a replacement, DJ refunds all fees previously paid by the client, Jane Rubio, including the 50% down payment. All service delivery agreements are governed by federal and regional laws that cover the general principles of the contract for the establishment and interpretation of contracts by the courts. Federal laws sometimes restrict services that can be contracted (for example.B. cannot use illegal services) as well as guidelines for broad categories, such as contracting. B for what looks more like a working relationship.

As a general rule, the interpretation of the contract in the event of a dispute governs the interpretation of the treaty. One of the most important aspects of each event is musical entertainment. Whether you are a professional or independent DJ or a company that offers a soundsystem service, a contract is a prerequisite for defining the terms between the DJ and the client. A DJ contract is a legal document that describes the terms, arrangements and fees agreed upon by the client and DJ. JotForm offers a free DJ contract that you can use as a template for your upcoming or upcoming events. This DJ contract is a PDF model that contains standard information for each type of occasion. The model also has an editing tool that allows you to delete or add more information, add logos, signatures or images that match your event. Stealth dj s mobile disc jockey service 31801 sibley road romulus, mi 48174 url: email: eric phone: (734) 753-3755 fax: (734) 753-3755 client agreement between (mobile disc jockey provider): stealth dj s and This DJ Services Contract shall be geregelt by the laws of [Sender.State]. All disputes that are not resolved directly between the parties to this contract will be settled in a civil court of [Sender.City], [Sender.State]. CONSIDERING that the customer needs DJ services for the event referenced in this contract and that DJ undertakes to provide such services in return for the payments listed, both parties agree to the following conditions: This contract may be terminated by one of the parties at any time prior to the date of the event.