Debt Forgiveness Agreement Sec

By signing this agreement, the creditor releases all claims that have so far been unknown or unknown by and against the company. I, Tianfu Li, am willing to give up the direct debt below Korea Hyundai Light -Electric (International) Holding Limited without compensation. The category is as follows: This debt cancellation agreement (the „agreement“) will come into effect on March 8, 2011 and between Softech, INC., a Massachusetts company („Borrower“), Workgroup Technology Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the borrower and a Delaware company, EN VIGUEUR, INFORMATION DECISIONS INCORPORATED, a wholly owned subsidiary of borrowers and a Michigan company (Workgroup Technology Corporation and Information Decisions Incorporated) INC., a Michigan company („Lender“), with respect to the cancellation of the shares and the debt cancellation contract (this „agreement“) is concluded by: and passed between Coyote Resources, Inc., a Nevada company (the „company“), and Gary Prager and Brittany Prager (the „shareholder“) who enter into force from the date the agreement is accepted by the Company pursuant to Section 2. . This debt cancellation agreement (the „agreement“) will be concluded on September 30, 2009 (effective date) of forgeHouse Inc., a Nevada company (the borrower), and John Britchford-Steel, a resident of the State of Georgia, in his individual capacity („guarantor“) and Bryan Irving, an in-/ 100- and brought in the United Kingdom, Mr. Morl, resident of the United Kingdom, Mr. Morl, resident of the United Kingdom, in his individual capacity („Morl“), with Irving, the „debt holder“) and Insurance Medical Group Limited f/k/k/a/ After All Limited, a UK limited company (After All) with Irving and Morl, as members of After All the Lender , valid from November 18, 2005, from and between the electronic future (Beijing Tornado Information Inc., a Chinese company (e-Future) , e-Future Information Technology Inc., a Cayman Islands company and the parent company of e-Future Beijing („e-Future Cayman“) and Hainan Future Computer Co., Ltd., a Chinese company („Hainan“).