Agreement Between Hospital And Company

5.3 Resignation for injury. Notwithstanding the current or future regulations, regulations or regulations of the hospital or medical staff, each party has the right to terminate the agreement after thirty (30) days after written notification if the party to which such notification is transmitted significantly contravenes a provision of this agreement. The party seeking to assert the right of termination sets out in the notification the facts underlying its assertion that the other party is violating this agreement. The party receiving such a notification has 10 days from receiving this notification to remedy the infringement described in the notice. However, in cases where the offence cannot reasonably be cured within ten (10) days, but can be cured within a reasonable period of time, the party who invokes the offence fixed in the notification of the violation a reasonable period of time in which such an offence can be cured. The remedy of such an infringement within ten (ten) days of receipt of this notification or within the time limit set out in the notice of infringement, revives the agreement in force for the remainder, subject to other termination rights contained in this section or in any other provision of this agreement. A violation of this agreement, which is the sole result of an offence by one or more doctors of the incumbent or a substitute physician, may be cured by withdrawal or reassignment to another hospital of such a physician. On January 14, 1998, the Eden Township Hospital District (District), Sutter Health (Sutter) and Eden Medical Center (Newco) entered into the following agreement (agreement) for Newco to acquire certain borough-sponsored staff performance plans. 4.1 Professional medical benefits. The setting of fees, billing, collection, compensation and documentation issues as part of the financial agreement between the hospital and the contractor is defined in the attached schedule D.

2.1.2 Global Pricing. The contractor also accepts that, in the case of a negotiated price agreement, including, but not limited to a possible global price agreement, the contractor participates in negotiations with a third party concluded or envisaged by Hospital to discuss a possible reduction in the rates of its services with regard to the beneficiaries of such negotiated price agreements or to reach agreement on a proposed global price agreement. , the contractor will endeavour, in good faith, to obtain or maintain its status as a participating provider in all payers` contracts considered essential by the hospital. During negotiations on price agreements with third parties as a reference, to the extent permitted by law and subject to any contractual restrictions, Hospital will provide the contractor with relevant information on the progress of these negotiations and the contractor will make good faith efforts to support the hospital`s efforts. Under no circumstances is the hospital considered by this agreement to have the right to negotiate with third-party payers on behalf of the contractor. The hospital compensates the contractor at a rate that is not less than the fair value of the contractor`s commercial services, as agreed by consensus between the parties. 15. The parties acknowledge that no commitment, agreement, commitment or conditions have been made or applies to the plans, unless stipulated in this Agreement, and that this agreement replaces all other commitments, agreements, assurances or conditions, unless it may be 5.1.

In carrying out the directors` duties and obligations in this activity, the administrator acts and executes at all times as an independent contractor.