Upon Agreement Preklad

history: marriage contract/marriage contract/appeal contract. prenup prenup up up upuptial agreement subject: subject/object of the agreement/contract rights. Subject of the trade union contract: trade union contract with the management of the company: agreement to fight klop Waiver Any insurance company covers orally only the damage suffered by its oral customer: verbal agreement/tradition Mundvertragen/Tradition Leasing purchase: Lease agreement Contract principle: Agreement in principle on the founding points of the partnership contract: company contract: agreement with sb, with the one who agrees: Lease agreement: lease/contract, lease, rental agreement, rental contract, rental contract/rental contract to be concluded: We have reached an agreement. We agreed. You agree that we have not yet reached an agreement. We do not agree yet. silent consent, tacit approval agreement: in agreement/agreement with sth as a compact bargain agreement agreement of concorde pact.