Ucf Roommate Agreement

You can find the terms of your housing contract below. UCF off Campus apartments are available in a variety of styles, from furnished townhouses to traditional apartments. In addition to the obvious details, such as aesthetic designs, amenities and location, the types of student accommodation differ in the formats of their rental contracts, especially if the owners rent in bed or through the apartment. Depending on your circumstances as a tenant, one of these two options may be the most advantageous for you. The bathrooms in the academic accommodations are cleaned weekly. Your supervisor will publish the cleaning plan in the bathroom. Before the administrator arrives, you are expected to remove all your belongings from the sink, counter and shower area of the bathroom. If you don`t, your bathroom won`t be cleaned. Residents must maintain their kitchen spaces and vacuum their apartments. Students who live in Towers at Knights Plaza and NorthView are responsible for their own cleaning.

Students staying in the Rosen College Student apartments receive a weekly bathroom cleaning. For tenants, it can be difficult to pay for an apartment together. In addition to the task of collecting each roommate`s share each month, there is a risk that one roommate will disintend at maturity and the others will be forced to pay the difference, that late fees will be charged or that they will eventually be evicted. If we can`t offer you space allocation for the semester you want, the down payment will be credited to your student account. However, if you decide not to reside in the UCF facilities and notify the Department of Privacy, you lose the entire advance. If you do not respond or refuse the contract offer, you lose your total lead. The fall agreements for Academic Main, Towers, Rosen and NorthView allow groups of up to four people. The fall agreements for UnionWest allow students to form a group of up to six students. Agreements that begin in the spring or summer semester allow only one roommate application, regardless of the type of contract.

Note: Under the Academic Main agreements, only the first few years can coincide with the first few years. The status of „Confirmed“ accommodation will appear on the Housing Portal Application Status page if a place has been reserved for you on campus. Confirmed study dates are based on the date of your housing contract, the semester in which you enter UCF and your student ranking. Once you have an agreement with a confirmed status, Roommate Matching will be available to you on the apartment portal. Colocs Matching is a service offered that helps you find favorite roommates. These matches should only be considered as requirements and preferences. All applications from roommates are subject to availability and UCF Housing reserves the right to assign students as needed.