Sample Loan Agreement On Stamp Paper

I want to give my relative 5 lakhs rupees on interest rates at 2% per month. So please offer me a loan with my money guarantee. I`m waiting for your answer. CONSIDERING that the lender has granted an interest-only loan to the borrower, given that the lender and the borrower have known each other for several years; My father gave a loan of 10 lakes to his neighbour with 2% interest and registered in by note. Now he is not paying the interest amount properly. Could you please suggest how we could take legal action against him, what is the procedure? Pronote was signed on 2014 Sep. Hello, thank you for this beautiful article. I made a request my friend with his brother-in-law needs urgent money and my brother-in-law friends have their own home, but unfortunately no bank is willing to grant them mortgages because they have not filed a payroll or income tax return. I want to help him by granting a loan of 15 lakhs, by taking a personal loan into my account, because I have complete documents. However, I don`t want to take any risks in the future, so my questions are: 1. Can I give them credit with their asset documents as collateral. 2. What are all the agreements I should make with them.

3. Please let me know what documents you can collect or sign from them. Hello, six years ago, my father donated 200, 000 Signed Bond Paper. For the past six years, he`s been paying interest in cash. Now he can`t repay the interest for one reason or another. Can we legal that the loan paper is only valid for 3 years? Dear Sir, should the credit contract be notarized and, if so, under what law? As a stamp contract is powerful when buying land. I am thinking of buying land in a company based on EMI for two years with a firm down payment. The plot entrepreneur says he writes a deal for the same thing. My question of doubt is, legally, how powerful the agreement is. On several occasions, he reminded her to return the loan amount.

He hangs out over and over again. My father collected money (90,000) from one of my parents and this person took signs over tampon on ON DEMAND PAPER (at that time nothing was written on it). And my father paid interest of 3%/month. from the last 3 years due to a financial issue, he was unable to pay regular monthly interest (he was paying a portion). And recently, my relative took over my father`s signature on stamp paper and on request paer (which was completely empty). My father was not educated, so he didn`t see anything and signed blindly. Will we have a problem with that in the future? Family loans are not taxable under Indian law. A loan to a family member cannot be taxed. So if you lend money to your loved one and love, don`t worry, the Treasury won`t come to your doors.

Dear Vinay. Suggest avoiding credit and investing in other options instead. As a general rule, it is the borrower who pays them. I paid a certain amount to one of the immigration companies to find a job abroad, but it takes too long, and I just wanted to be on the safer side by entering into a written agreement. Then ask me to look at the same thing. if stamp duty is paid by the lender, it makes a difference, dear sreekanth. Thank you for the useful information. I have a question. I have an agreement with my sister for a real estate bill, that she will pay me 70 lakhs, and we will make a deal.