Pharmaceutical Distribution Agreement Template

6.4 The distributor is required to preserve and ensure authenticity, the validity and effectiveness of all authorizations, licenses and qualifications, and these authorizations, licenses and qualifications, in accordance with the requirements and legal procedures established by applicable laws and regulations, including unrestricted, commercial license, certificate of good delivery practice („SPG“), commercial authorization for the sale and marketing of drugs issued by the National Medical Product Administration of China or by a medical product communal, maintain and prolong. Competent administration. 14.10 Conflict with conditions. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of this Agreement and all the conditions that can be set by an order, invoice, verbal agreement or any other means, the terms of this agreement apply. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the terms of this contract apply in the event of a conflict between the terms of this agreement and the terms of one of the exhibitions. 9.1 Confidential information. EuroGen and SuperGen (the receiving party) wish to treat in a strictly confidential manner all information disclosed by the other party (the „disclosure party“) in writing, orally, visually or by other means or made available to the recipient party, who considers it to be proprietary or confidential. Without restricting the universality of the above, any proprietary information concerning the commercial activity, exploitation, suppliers, products, manufacturing, sales, marketing or distribution, trade secrets and intellectual property of the public party are considered by the receiving party to be confidential information. All data or other information relating to or resulting clinical trials of the product is considered confidential information from SuperGen. The unveiling party makes reasonable economic efforts to characterize as confidential all written confidential information disclosed to the other party as „confidential“ provided that the failure to send is not identified as „confidential“.

EuroGen may, under this article, authorize negotiators to promote, market, market or sell products domesticly. Within ten (10) days from the date of the appointment of such a negotiator, EuroGen SuperGen (i) communicates the identity of that negotiator, (ii) to the countries of the territory where the negotiator will market the products and (iii) to the specific products that the negotiator intends to market. EuroGen may sell or otherwise transfer products to a trader only if the trader enters into a written agreement („negotiation agreement“) with EuroGen and binds the trader on terms substantially similar to the terms agreed by EuroGen in this agreement. EuroGen undertakes to terminate a trader`s right to market products without delay after it has been revealed that the distributor sells or markets products directly or indirectly in a manner that is not in accordance with the provisions of this Article 2. EuroGen strives to ensure (i) compliance with the provisions of this agreement and (ii) to monitor the activities of all negotiators. Any negotiation agreement contains provisions that make SuperGen a direct and intentional third party of this bargaining agreement. 3.5 Global harmonization; Redundant activities. Recognizing that products can be developed on a global basis and that the global use of appropriate data and files can lead to regulatory and budgetary efficiencies, the parties can strive to organize product activity in a way that maximizes global clinical and regulatory harmonization, i.e. (a) as part of an amendment to this agreement. or b) as part of a separate agreement.