Palo Alto Networks Data Processing Agreement

Strata is our industry leading network security suite. Prevent attacks and manage network transformation, while securing users, applications and data wherever they are. Palo Alto Software implements access controls and industry identification functions for the internal networks that support its products. Objectives: marketing, sales and provision of cybersecurity products and services to businesses, including interaction with customers and prospects, providing support services, managing and improving our websites and products, offering applications and services to our cloud services portal; Create or manage our contract with customers, including creating a unique registration transaction to access the Alto Networks online palo account, our portals and our online community; Verifying the identity and rights of customers to products or services; Allow customers to register products or services Communicate with clients about support services and critical service updates Allowing partners to register Recording people at events Identifying supplier qualifications and suitability communicate with users and improve the user experience, protect our security and defend our legal rights; Subscribe to users for the newsletter and manage subscriptions and user preferences; Security of our systems and applications Compliance with legal obligations, including responding to legal proceedings or legal requests. types of personal data: customer and partner contact information, including names, phone numbers, email and IP addresses, device identifiers; Customer reports and unstructured data on security events, including personal data; Lender`s contact information Information and potential customers, including names, phone numbers, email addresses. We do not sell, rent, rent or pass on personal data. We only pass on personal data to our related companies, business partners, service providers who process information on our behalf and to enforcement agencies. When we transmit personal data, we require it to comply with the corresponding data protection and privacy requirements as well as security standards. The Palo Alto Networks security platform can prevent data leaks and exfiltration in a variety of ways to maintain appropriate security controls for the RGPD. Data leaks can occur for many reasons, ranging from attackers trying to access the perimeter to accidental data leaks from out-of-school or unreadable employees. One of the key aspects of the RGPD is the prevention of data protection violations. Privacy violations can be the result of hacking, but data leaks can also happen accidentally. Margin of error: Backup and replication strategies have been developed to protect against redundancy and deformation in the event of a major processing error.