Mongodb End User License Agreement

3. License.3.1 For commercially licensed software, the company grants the customer, during the duration of the subscription, a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license for the use and reproduction of the software edition on servers for which the customer has purchased a subscription exclusively related to the internal functioning of the customer. 12. DefinitionsAffiliates (s) refers to any company controlled by a party or under common control, with control directly or indirectly owned by a company`s shares of 50% (50%) I did it. or more of the voting rights in this company. The documentation refers to documentation provided by the company with the software that can be modified from time to time. The Enterprise subscription is the Enterprise Edition subscription, as stated on the order form. Error means that the software is not run in full compliance with the documentation specifications. The order form refers to the order document for subscriptions and services.

Residuals refers to information stored in memories not supported by the recipient`s staff, agents or contractors, as permitted, who have had access to the discloser`s confidential information. Storage is not supported if the employee or contractor has not deliberately recorded the confidential information for the purpose of retention and subsequent use or disclosure. The server is a single computer with no more than 512GB of RAM that processes data with one or more processors. If a computer contains virtual blades or servers, each of these virtual servers or servers is considered a separate server. The server environment is set on the order form. The services are training and consulting services that have been purchased by the customer according to a purchase order. Software refers to the corresponding MongoDB software, which is authorized under this Agreement, and all updates provided by the Company. Software Edition refers to the software provided by the company as part of the applicable subscription. SOW refers to the work statement describing the services purchased by the client. Subscriptions refers to the subscription purchased by the customer according to the purchase order.

Support means the amount of support in the subscription purchased by the customer, as specified on the purchase order. , the secondary version or maintenance version of the software provided by the company as part of subscriptions. The main version means a later version of the software, identified by a change in the number to the left of the left decimal point (X.x.x); The minor version refers to a later version of the software, identified by a change in the average number between the two decimals (x.X.x); and the maintenance version means a newer version of the software, which is identified by a change in the number to the right of the straightest decimal point (x.x.X). 9.2 For commercially licensed software, where such software is breached or becomes likely depending on the company, the company, its option and its costs (a) will have the right to the customer to continue using the software, b) to replace or modify it so that it does not become a violation of the law, or c) will request the return of the software and (c) will request the return of the software and (c) , upon receipt of these licenses, the corresponding licenses are terminated and the company is reimbursed in proportion to the fees paid in advance but not used for the corresponding subscriptions.