Durham Transit Collective Agreement

Durham Region members have ratified a new three-year collective agreement at 67%. Our salaries and benefits are competitive with other municipal employers. We pay union employees under the existing collective agreement. We pay non-unionized employees on non-union payrolls. We determine the salary grid for each job and employees move across the scale. Durham Region transit workers, represented by Unifor Local 222, have ratified a new four-year collective agreement with PWTransit. www.durham.ca/en/regional-government/job-postings.aspx The new agreement provides for an 8 per cent pay increase over time, a 42.5-hour overtime threshold and higher benefits. Local 222 was also able to provide a position as a female lawyer, paid leave for domestic violence and anti-harassment training. Congratulations to the members and the negotiating committee.

We encourage a safe and healthy work environment by offering different resources. These meetings are not available on all sites, but may include: There are many events for employees and their families during the year, such as. B: Part-time workers entitled may also benefit from health insurance. Please send your sheets until Friday, December 11th, safely, stay strong and stay united. Your elected union representatives are now asking you to consider your contract proposals in 2021. Based on COVID 19`s health protocols, please list the four (4) priority points that the Union must bring to the negotiating table in early 2021 and send your requests by email: We have a short-term assistance programme for family and relationship issues, trauma, depression, financial concerns and many other topics. Throughout the year, we plan events that support the United Way, such as: Vice President Westney Peter Hansen peter.hansen55@hotmail.com Vice President Raleigh Gordon Trotter trotter24@outlook.com Here are some of the ways we treat our local community: we value our employees and we want them to know that their hard work is being done. There are four opportunities, as we recognize, for our employees: the new contract makes gains on wages, benefits and improved working hours. Full-time permanent workers and part-time or temporary workers are enrolled in the Ontario Municipal Employees Municipal Reprocessing System (OMERS).