American Idol Non Disclosure Agreement

On January 22, Phillips filed a bomb petition with the California laboratory commissioner, who claims that idol producer 19 Entertainment and his related companies have „manipulated“ him to take jobs since he hit him. In a file that shows some of Phillips` post-show tribulations, including forcing him to play for free for one of the idol`s sponsors and not even knowing the title of his latest album until it is announced publicly, the singer tries to invalidate his various agreements at 19, described by the star`s lawyer as „repressing, fatally confrontational“.“ After all this recent drama about the judges of American Idol, season 9 finally has its first scandal of candidates. Michael „Big Mike“ Lynche, one of 24 contestants who came out alive from Hollywood Week, was reportedly pulled out of the show after his father confirmed the news to the St. Petersburg Times. The revelation was a violation of Idol`s serious confidentiality agreement, so lynch would have been nixed and a singer named Antwan Michael, who missed the first cut, replaced him, according to Idol Blog Joe`s Place, which first reported Lynche`s release. In a move that music industry insiders have called a „bombshell,“ the american idol`s season 11 winner, Phillip Phillips, last week launched a lawsuit to invalidate his contracts with 19 Entertainment, Inc., the producer of the hit talent show. Shortly after becoming a candidate for the show, Phillips entered into at least four different contracts with 19 Entertainment and its related companies: (i) a management agreement; (ii) an agreement on merchandising; (iii) a registration agreement; and (iv) a songwriter/co-publishing agreement. Since these agreements contain confidential information, they are kept secret during the legal process. Given the leverage that shows like American Idol have on their contestants, industry insiders have speculated that the terms are probably the most favorable for 19 Entertainment.

Now, almost three years after winning the 11th season, Phillips is tired of what he calls a series of „oppressive“ agreements. Although Phillips apparently terminated those contracts in December 2014, Phillips and his legal team intensified the controversy by accusing 19 Entertainment of acting illegally as a „talent agency“ in violation of California law and of violating their fiduciary duty to Phillips. In addition to attempting to cancel the agreements, Phillips requested that 19 Entertainment remove and disclaim all funds or other valuables that were improperly collected under the 19 Entertainment agreements (e.g.B commissions, fees, profits, advances, etc.). If you accept the invitation to join American Idol, you must sign a contract stating that you do not have contractual commitments or agreements with your music. Upon learning that they were going to Hollywood, participants are invited to sign a confidentiality agreement and a disclosure form. A singer cannot enter the contest without doing so. Idol has thrown its participants into the limelight, but it hasn`t necessarily taught them what they do as reality TV stars or „idols.“ And did not warn any of them that they could not be idols.